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Although the engine had previously undergone a restoration it was still necessary to make sure everything was in working order. Once in the workshop we did a full engine inspection and strip down of the ancillaries. The engine turned over however would not fire, but with the help of a fluid change, new battery and fuel pump it soon came to life meaning we could make progress with other areas of the car.

As the electrics and engine were sound the next objective was purely cosmetic.


As the owner is a social media fan and was keen to get people engaged in classic cars they bravely decided they would let the BMW loving public help with the decision. Putting surveys out on social media, blogs and in the BMW Car Club UK’s E-Newsletters. For the exterior paint selection the choice was between Turkis, Chamonix, Nevada and Polaris, and for the wheels the selection was made up of Standard Steel Wheels, Classic 02 alloys and 02 Bottle Tops.

After some intense and close voting the selections were made and the winner was the Turkis paint exterior with Bottle top Alloys, and we think you’ll agree that the internet came good and helped to create a stunning 02 exterior.


BMW’s ‘Türkisblau’ translates to ‘Turkish Blue’ and is a metallic Turquoise that can look anything from a light metallic blue to a deep-sea turquoise depending on lighting. Favoured by many this colour looks fantastic on the diminutive frame of the 2002 and on the Neue Klasse in general. Of the choices this one definitely looks the most striking and accentuates the car’s lines perfectly. Combined with original ‘bottle top’ wheels the car is specified as true as possible to how it left the factory in 1975.

 Similarly as for the paint, the interior fate of the 2002Tii was placed firmly in the hands of social media. After extensive voting online by the public it was the yellow and grey tartan upholstery that won out, the detail of which looks fantastic against the Turkis Blue of the exterior and cream vinyl inside.

You can see the interior vinyl as the car started to take shape in August 2016 below.



All work on the car was completed with us at Quest Brothers Classic Cars in St Ives near Cambridge. The car remains as faithful as possible to the original model and was completed in time for it’s debut on the BMW Car Club stand at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car show at the Birmingham NEC in November 2016.

Mechanically the car is as standard as possible however with some choice modifications to help bring it into the 21st century. An aux cable socket for the stereo is hidden down by the gear stick, for example, furthermore the original car was sold with a four-speed gearbox however for motorway driving a five-speed is far more convenient and will help the engine live longer.

The beauty of restoring a classic is that one can stay faithful to the manufacturer’s vision while creating a comfortable environment that can be used every day. Especially one that is increasing in value quite like the 2002.


BMW 2002 Tii, Restoring a legend