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BMW 2002 Tii, Restoring a legend 

BMW 2002 Tii’s are becoming rarer and rarer, currently there are only 91 left on UK roads with a further 88 off the road. This means that you are twice as likely to see the new Ferrari 488 on UK roads than a 2002 Tii, how’s that for exclusivity? Of the 179 currently in the UK there are few in as good condition as this, nor those with as varied a back-story. 

 The car we have presented is chassis number 2770306 built in 1975. Although the documentation that came with the car correctly shows it as a 1975 year, however you will have noticed the W plate shows it was first UK registered in 1980. This particular Tii was originally run in Germany for the first five years of its life and then brought over to the German car specialists in Green Lanes, Dalston, UK with documentation to confirm this.

After it’s stint on the continent the car was imported to the UK. When this Tii entered the country in 1980 it had been resprayed white and was sat on Alley Cat BBS alloy wheels, a stark difference to how it left us. Once settled in the UK it was Dalston, in East London, where this car remained for some considerable time. The first UK owner was a man named Zeene along with his father who both owned the aforementioned German Car specialists in Green Lanes, Dalston. 


With the car in their garage Zeene and his father set about fully restoring it. As part of their restorations they used all original parts on the car sourced from the manufacturer. The pair installed new rings, front panel, doors, bonnet and boot with manufacturer parts on the car. The car had undergone an engine restoration so most of the intended plans were cosmetic. Sadly during the restoration Zeene’s father passed away forcing Zeene and his brother to put the car into dry storage in their warehouse in Dalston for the foreseeable future.

Fast forward 18 years and in steps Egg, a charismatic and full of life Porsche specialist-turned community figure. Also from Dalston, Egg was a friend of Zeene and had seen the car tearing around the East London streets in his youth and was enamored by not just the 2002 Tii but also this very model. Egg knew the history of the car and the mid restoration status it was in and was keen to finish what his friend had started. Egg had previously spent some time in his brother in law’s BMW 1600 exploring it’s abilities and was ready to have his own slice of classic BMW pie.

 A clear enthusiast from the off Egg loved the 2002 Tii for its great all round visibility in the cabin and also for the way the rear of the car would squat under acceleration. It was a no-brainer that Egg would purchase this 2002 Tii that he had grown up with. Once Purchased the car remained in Egg’s garage waiting to be restored from 2012 however its sale was forced in 2015 before work could get started.  

The car has been well used and appreciated throughout its life and still only shows 36,000 miles on the odometer but we remain skeptical about this figure as this could be either the first or maybe second time around the clock. The car had also had an engine rebuild so the honest mileage figure remains a mystery. Despite its loving past it was undeniably still not in a good way. It was at this point that the Tii left Dalston for the first time in over 30 years for the Cambridge countryside.

It was then that our client brought the car to us for a full refurbishment. With the car sat on the low loader the task at hand was apparent; with the car only having had few areas restored the struggle was an uphill one. Under further diagnostics it was clear that the car was going to need a complete refurbishment of brakes, suspension and electrics as well as aesthetics.