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BMW 2002 Tii, Restoring a legend 

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The BMW 02 series was BMW’s take on the lighter, more enjoyable world of fast coupés in the 60’s and 70’s. Low weight, shorter wheelbase and two doors marked these cars out from their Neue Klasse (New Class) counterparts.

Here at QBCC we are restoring a ‘Turkis’ turquoise 2002 Tii. In order to keep you up to date on the work we are doing we bring you an in depth look at the car, where it sits in BMW’s model history and the progress that we are making on this model.

In the early 1960’s BMW was in dire straights after their financial crash in the 50’s and needed to inject a much-needed slice of desirability into its line-up to boost sales. The answer to this lull in sales? The Neue Klasse sedans, of course.

The Neue Klasse cars were sporting sedans with 1.5L or 2.0L engines aimed squarely below the opulent luxury cars but above the bike engine efficiency cars BMW also produced. These were areas of the market that BMW had occupied and, indeed, had lost a great deal of money in the recent past.

With the Neue Klasse satisfying the market and solidifying BMW’s name as a quality automobile producer demand shifted to something lighter, more nimble and driver focused.

It was once the public demanded something at driving enjoyment rather than sophisticated luxury that BMW made their greatest decision: to produce the 02 series. Initially there was only the 1600-2 with its various cabriolet, touring and sporty Tii options however users soon began to put larger BMW 2.0L engines into their 1602’s. Observing what the market clearly wanted BMW agreed to create the 2002 series and it was a universal success.

Success is definitely the word that comes to mind when talking bout the 02 series and their impact on BMW’s prospects. During the course of their production over 860,000 ’02 BMW’s were created, making it their best selling car of the time. From the graph below you can see just how significant this series was for the company.


The 2002 was loved for its combination of power and extremely low weight, which the reason it was so successful on the track. Between 1968 and 1986 the 2002 had over 70 1st place wins on the racetrack and is still a favourite for heritage motor racing.

The 2002 is regarded as one of the best BMWs of modern times and we are thrilled to be able to restore one. In the next instalment we will introduce the car we are restoring and its unconventional history!