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The car was fully stripped, the parts cataloged and assessment made of whether to repair or replace and how best to repair each item. Much was sent off for powder coating and plating, having been carefully blasted first. 

The car is a 1960 California car which made its way over the Atalntic a couple of years ago and although in a sorry state, was a good candidate for restoration with rust only in the boot (battery acid) and footwells and most things in their right place.

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, Full nut and bolt restoration

Then came the exciting bit - getting new paint onto the car.

The body was stripped back to bare metal, panels replaced, dimensions checked to ensure a 100% straight shell and we began to see what this would like like when complete.

Once the body was complete, except for final prep and paint, we trial fitted the engine, gearbox & running gear to ensure no unexpected hiccups when the car was finally painted. This gave us a chance to get everything fitting accurately before we have the delicate new paint to deal with.